Thermapen Private Sale – Ends March 9, 2014

Thermapen Private Sale

Why is ThermoWorks having a Red Thermapen sale? Well, why not? Red is their most popular color and they just felt like putting it on sale. And since it is such a popular color they’re pretty sure that it will sell out before the 3 days are up. So…get one while you can!

The offer is not public and is being made only to their email subscribers and YOU because ThermoWorks thinks that you, Embracing Frugality readers, are awesome! You must use the link in this post to get to their special ordering page. It is not available on their public website. These are brand new Thermapens, and are almost never on sale. In fact, the Red Thermapen has NEVER been on sale. This offer expires at midnight, March 9th, or when they run out.

{See my husband’s Thermapen review}

Quantities are limited, head here to ThermoWorks to score a Thermapen for only $85!

Manly Gift Idea: Thermapen On Sale Now!

Thermapen Sale

Do you or someone you know enjoy grilling, or baking, or just like to make sure your meat is cooked thoroughly?  Well, I have some exciting news for you!  My favorite thermometer ever, the Thermapen, is on sale for only $85 when you buy 2.  They’re calling this their Buddy Sale and it’s only going on for one week from today (10/25/13).  You can read my husband’s Thermapen review or go and read the Thermapen info page to check it out for yourself.  While you’re there be sure and take a look at their limited edition cheetah print one.  I’m really debating buying my own Thermapen and leaving the other one solely for my husband’s use.   : )

Remember: Buy 2, pay only $85 each.  Go now!  This deal only lasts one week.  

These would make great Christmas gifts!!