7 Ways to Save Money on Baby Formula

7 Ways to Save on Baby Formula

Baby formula is an expense many parents have to endure for their little one’s first year of life. As the baby gets older, formula can become a huge chunk of the budget! Fortunately, there are ways you can cut costs when feeding your baby, so that you don’t empty your wallet on each trip to the store.

Below, you’ll find seven ways you can save money on baby formula!

1. Check with the pediatrician’s office.

Many parents don’t realize this but many doctors receive formula samples to hand out to new patients. We aren’t talking about small, one serving samples either. Some give out the four bottle samples or a can of powder that will make 3-4 bottles. Sometimes, samples like these are just tossed in a supply closet and never given out, so ask if you can take them off their hands!

2. Search for coupons.

Depending on your baby’s formula brand, you may be able to sign up for coupons straight from the company. Other brands will have coupons in the weekly newspapers. Also, like with samples, you sometimes get high-value coupons from your baby’s pediatrician. Just ask the front desk!

3. Compare liquid versus powder when buying baby formula.

More often than not, the powder will be cheaper per serving. Depending on the size of the powdered formula’s canister, it may be higher upfront, but if you get more fluid ounces out of it when made, you are actually saving money!

4. Use a subscription service.

Signing up to have baby formula delivered to your doorstep monthly is a great way to save money. Since they know you’ll be paying for it each month, this will usually net you a discount! At Amazon, you can subscribe and save $5 or more on each canister of powdered formula you would normally buy individually – and you also save by not having to drive to the store each week!

5. Buy formula from a wholesale store.

These places are usually cheaper because you are buying in bulk. Your savings will be similar to a subscription service, but you only have to pay when your baby runs out and you need more.

Bonus tip: Don’t want to foot the entire bill for a large formula purchase? Split it with mom friends who use the same baby formula so everyone saves money!

6. Shop local mom groups on Facebook or Craigslist.

Sometimes moms will have left over (unopened) cans or bottles of baby formula they need to get rid of. If they purchased it, they will likely want to sell it, but it will generally be below the retail cost. If they got it for free though WIC or straight from the company, they will likely be giving it away. Stay on top of these groups to get a little extra when you can!

7. Check with your insurance company.

If your baby needs a special type of formula, you may be able to get your health insurance provider to cover it. Even if they won’t cover it 100%, they may be able to cover a portion to save you money!