How to Earn Extra Cash for Christmas

Because Christmas is coming fast and just about everyone could use a little extra cash for gifts I want to quickly highlight a few legitimate ways that you can earn a little cash to help you pay for Christmas.

Start your own cleaning business.  If you know someone who cleans office buildings or homes see if they have any jobs they can refer to you. If you aren’t able to clean regularly but need a little extra money, perhaps they would let you sub for them when they are sick or want to go on vacation.  If you don’t know anyone in the cleaning business, you could make ads or flyers and pass them out to friends, neighbors, and local businesses.

Hold a virtual garage sale.  Clear out your garage, bedroom closets, and basements of unwanted goodies.  You could sell your DVDs, books, used clothes, toys, antiques, etc. and make a pretty penny doing so.  When posting online be sure to write appealing product descriptions and include the highest quality pictures possible.

Sell a strange service.  Can you create a unique sketch drawing, make hairbows, restore old photographs, edit video clips, or any other odd-ball service that others might be interested in paying for?  If so, check out the website that allows users to buy and sell services for, you guessed it, $5.  Since each gig will only make you $5 a pop I would recommend trying to provide a service that you can accomplish quickly and easily.

Write your heart out.  Those with editing and writing skills might enjoy picking up some contract work from companies, blogs, or individuals who need help with their websites, promotional material, or product descriptions. Other writers might also enjoy writing e-books, ghost writing, or creating other digital documents online.

Turn on your oven and bake.  With the hustle and bustle of the holiday season ahead many people I know would prefer to order a couple dozen baked treats from a friend than pay that same money to a national grocery chain.  Homemade goods are much tastier and word of mouth during the Christmas season will probably propel your business bigger than you can handle.

What ways do you suggest for making a little extra money for Christmas?  I’d love to hear your ideas!

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Ashley is very happily married and the mother to a beautiful little girl and sweet baby boy, and she is the main voice behind Embracing Frugality.


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