Save Money on Lotion by Using Every Last Drop


Me and my relationship with lotion is tight.  We are close, very close.  I use it every morning {or afternoon, ha!} when I get out of the shower.  All over.  I use it again on my hands after I wash them.  Every time.  I use lotion again on hands, feet, and decollete before going bed.  I have my favorite brands of lotion for summer and for winter.

Because of my slight obsession, we go through a lot of lotion at my house and I don’t always opt for the cheap lotion.  If I can use a coupon or find a good brand on sale you bet I’ll do that but I don’t hesitate to buy a $8+ bottle of lotion at full price if I need it.  Usually I’ll have a small stockpile and I won’t need to pay full price but sometimes it does happen.  Lotion is one of those areas I don’t mind splurging on from time to time.  It makes my skin feel good, helps fight off wrinkles, and it even makes me smell good for a little while.  What’s not to love?

I’ll tell  you what!  The containers lotion is in!!  Don’t they drive you nuts too?!  There is so much left in the bottom of every bottle that is simply thrown out.  I used to stick my finger inside and twist and squirm to get more out until my husband showed me a better way.  He cut the bottle for me.  He’s a genius, right?  He isn’t one to pinch pennies at the grocery store but even he was appalled at the amount of lotion left inside the bottle.

*I want to stop here and say that if a lotion company happens to be reading this I have an idea for a fabulous lotion container.  Contact me, we’ll get a patent on it and make some money!*

Cut Lotion Bottles to Get Every Last Drop

The first time my husband cut the bottle for me we left it cut open and on the counter for us to use and then throw away.  It didn’t take us long to realize that this wasn’t a good method because after a day or two the lotion became very hard and wax-like and then unusable.  The next time we stored it in a Rubbermaid container and kept it on the bathroom sink.  This worked perfectly.  Now I’ll save up a handful of near empty bottles and have my husband cut them all at once.  We’ll end up with a good size Rubbermaid container full that would probably come close to equaling a full bottle of lotion.


  • -Be very careful cutting the hard plastic.  I have my husband do it because I’m afraid I would cut my finger off.
  • -You can use a spoon or a small spatula to remove the lotion from the cut container.
  • -Once you’ve removed the lotion you can rinse the container and it’s ready to be recycled.

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  1. Great method. It’s always mind boggling how much we waste!

    Have you ever heard of MyBotto? They have a product designed to get lotion out of bottles just like the one you posted. The product is a stand that holds bottles upside down so gravity gets out every last drop. They even have caps to put on the bottles with pumps. Plus a potential cut finger will be unnecessary.
    You should check them out!

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